Posted in: University Posted on: Oct 27th, 2015

Make the Most of Living Off-Campus at Barry University With These Tips!

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Moving off campus comes with new freedoms as well as new challenges. To help make your transition to off-campus housing near Barry University as easy as possible, we’ve built the following guide to common problems students face. Read on to learn about living arrangements, transportation, and more.

Living with Roommates

Living with roommates is a great way to cut back on expenses, but it can also create problems if you’re not careful when choosing prospective roommates. Your ideal roommate is likely a friend with similar opinions on chores, quiet hours, and guests. Still, it’s a good idea to create a roommate agreement so that you have a written document to fall back on should any problems arise.


Students living off campus can commute to and from classes with ease by utilizing the university’s commuter services. Commuters have access to three parking lots designated for commuters only. Two lots are conveniently located around campus. The third lot, known as the overflow lot, has a shuttle service stop that takes commuters onto campus at Broad Auditorium.

For students without access to a car or who wish to save some gas money, Barry University and South Florida Commuter Services have teamed up to provide a safe and convenient carpooling system for students. Along with carpooling, commuting students are offered a discounted Metro pass for the transit busses and Metro Rail.

Campus Amenities

Just because your apartment has everything you need doesn’t mean you should avoid campus altogether. In fact, changing up your environment and spending more time on campus may allow you to finish more work, as you’re less likely to be distracted by roommates. For a quiet place to study or for a place to meet for a group project, students can reserve a private study area at the Commuter Lounge. The lounge is equipped with couches, magazines, journals, a TV with DVD player, a refrigerator, microwave, and free coffee.

Study Habits

Living on your own can come as a big adjustment, especially when it comes to developing healthy habits. As a student, a healthy habit to maintain is studying, and establishing a healthy study routine is essential. Living off campus takes students out of a learning environment, so studying may not always be a top priority. However, utilizing Barry University’s amenities by scheduling time to work on campus, like at the Commuter Lounge or school library, can help commuters maintain those healthy study habits.