Posted in: Living Moving Posted on: Dec 31st, 2014

A Stress-free Guide to Moving to Orlando, Florida

Have you decided on moving to Orlando, FL in the near future? Whether this move has been planned for some time or is the result of a recent event, such as a promotion at work, the moving process as a whole can be both exciting and stressful. That’s why we created this guide of moving tips to make sure that your transition goes as smoothly as possible.

Make Sure You Stay Safe

Have you ever considered how physically-demanding the actual moving part of relocating can be? Not only must you carry heavy furniture and boxes, but you must also try to safely maneuver your way through halls, over loose carpets, up and down stairwells, and out your doors. While you may feel that you can safely perform these tasks with little to no difficulty, individuals moving by themselves may not be able to do so.

To avoid causing injury to yourself, contact a local moving service such as J&J Metro Moving and Storage for assistance. While these professionals will certainly be an added expense, the cost of these services is far less than the cost of medical bills you might incur if you happen to injure yourself while going the DIY route.

Take Things One Room at a Time

For many, the unpacking process is about as anticipated as the packing process. You likely just want your belongings in your place, but remembering to stay organized is critical and unpacking your new residence just one room at a time is the best thing you can do. The second rule of thumb for unpacking is to make sure that you have all necessary furniture set up and ready to go. After all, you won’t be able to put sheets on your bed if it isn’t set up, nor can you put clothes in your dresser if it’s lying in pieces on the floor.

Rent a Storage Unit

Now that you’re finally unpacked and living in Orlando, you might have found that you simply brought too many belongings with you or that there is no need for your heavy winter coat in the warmer climate. In these cases, you might consider renting a storage unit nearby to keep these items until you need them again in the future. Public Storage has several locations throughout the city, including presences on North Semoran Boulevard, South Kirkman Road, and West Oak Ridge Road. Uncle Bob’s Self Storage is another nearby option. One thing to remember when researching facilities is that many offer different plans, rates, amenities, and agreement terms, so it’s important to make sure you review each location carefully before making your decision.

Living in Orlando, FL

You did it. You’re finished moving to the sunshine state, so that means that you can finally get out and experience the city. While Orlando is known for several Disney theme parks, Sea World, and Universal Studios, you could also visit the American Art Museum, take a kayak eco-tour, or attend an Orlando Magic basketball game. Whatever you like to do, rest assured that Orlando has something to fit your needs.