Posted in: Living Posted on: Apr 28th, 2015

6 Reasons Why a Short-Term Rental May Be Right for You

There are many reasons why you might be temporarily relocating to Orlando, Florida. But whether you’re here for school or a work assignment, finding appropriate housing to accommodate your needs is important. Here are six situations in which short-term rentals in Orlando, FL are an ideal housing match.

You’re on a Budget

Staying in a hotel room night after night will take a serious hit on your finances. Hotel rates depend on room vacancies, and very few hotels will offer discounts to guests who plan on staying for an extended amount of time. This is quite different from corporate housing, which is specifically designed for people who plan on staying in a location for longer than a month.

You Require Flexibility

Leases are legally-binding contracts that need to be taken earnestly. You don’t want to enter a 12-month lease if you don’t plan on staying in Orlando for at least a year, as cancelling your lease ahead of time will result in heavy termination fees. If you think you’ll only be in town for a few months, the flexibility of a short-term rental is much better suited to your living situation.

You Want to Meet People

Neighbors are often the first friends we meet upon moving to a new town. If you choose to live in a hotel room rather than a short-term rental in Orlando, you won’t get to meet as many people because nearly all of your neighbors will be families on temporary vacations. This is much different from life at Sawgrass, where neighboring residents are permanent members of the community.

You Need to Decorate

Hotel rooms are not exactly well known for their interior design work. Aside from the size and number of beds, each room in a given building is nearly identical to the rest. Short-term rentals, on the other hand, are yours to customize any way you choose. Check out nearby Madison Furniture for decorative home furnishing supplies.

You Like to Cook

Going out to eat every night gets expensive fast, but few hotel rooms come with anything more than a microwave and mini-fridge. By choosing short-term housing in Orlando, you give yourself the opportunity to cook your own meals at home. That’s not to say you can’t go out at all, though. The city of Orlando has thousands of great restaurants within city limits, like nearby Panda Chinese.

You Expect Some Privacy

Some people don’t mind the fact that housekeeping can come into your room at any time during the day while you’re staying at a hotel. Other people would rather have their cleaners arrive on a more rigid schedule. If you fall into the latter category, getting a third party maid service while staying in a short-term apartment is the right choice for you. Covenant Cleaning Services is one highly recommended company in the area.