Posted in: Dining Posted on: Jul 13th, 2016

These Spots Offer Some of the Best Pizza in Orlando

Photo Credit: Public Domain

Some people, particularly those who call themselves “pizza purists,” believe that you can’t get a decent slice of pizza outside of New York City or Chicago. But there are simply too many hotbeds for pizza creation across the country for this to be true. There are plenty of overlooked spots around the country that offer more than just an average-quality slice. One such place is Florida. With so many New York transplants living here, it’s virtually impossible not to find a great pie somewhere. And if you’re looking for the best pizza in Orlando, you have several contenders vying for that title, depending on your taste. Take a look at the following pizzerias and see which one suits your fancy.

Pizza Xtreme

The name says it all: this place pushes the envelope when it comes to pies. Like many pizza restaurants, Pizza Xtreme allows you to choose what goes on your pie. However, what sets this place apart from the rest is the selection: six different sauces, eight different cheeses, and 25 meat and vegetable toppings are available to you, meaning you can create the pizza of your dreams. Another way they live up to their name is with their special 28-Inch Challenge. If you and a friend are feeling adventurous (and hungry), take on Pizza Xtreme’s 28-inch pizza with your choice of one topping. If you can finish it in under an hour, the pizza is free, and you get a commemorative T-shirt and a spot on the restaurant’s wall of fame.

Lazy Moon

If you’re starving for some pizza, but not in the mood to tuck into a 28-inch pie, try Lazy Moon. Boasting enormous slices and a selection of local craft beers, there’s more than enough here to satisfy big appetites. You can build your own slice and whole pizza here, or if you’re feeling “lazy,” you can choose from one of the preexisting combinations. For a slice you won’t likely get anywhere else, try the El Fidel. With pork, ham, and dill pickle slices on top of a mustard sauce, it’s like a Cuban sandwich in pizza form.

Going Gourmet: Wine Barn and Brick & Fire

If you’re a pizza fanatic, you know there’s nothing quite like a pie crafted carefully and with sophistication. Fortunately, Orlando has a few spots that take pizza-making to a gourmet level. One of them is the Wine Barn. Starting in the late afternoon Monday through Saturday, you can pair excellent wine with artfully crafted pizzas like thei Kitchen Sink, which combines pork belly with home-grown basil and artisanal salumi, among other toppings. It’s a flavor you will likely have a hard time finding anywhere else.

Another spot offering some of the best pizza in Orlando is Brick & Fire. Not only does this place offer interesting savory pies with toppings like Caribbean chicken and jerk sauce, it also offers a dessert pie! This pizza is actually a cinnamon-baked crust covered in Nutella, chocolate, and caramel sauces and topped with candied pecans. This kind of creativity can really change how you think about pizza.

With this list, it’s clear that great pizza can be found in and around Orlando. Try these pizzerias out and see which one you like best!